Letters to the Editor
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Poor diction results in poor taste

This letter is in regard to the tacky headline "College revamps; 16 chairs lose their seats." The position of department chair is the toughest job on campus. The Chair has to be the interface between the faculty and the upper level administration (an often contentious situation).

Chairs are often on the job the first in the morning, the last out the door in the evening and the most frequent office inhabitants on the weekends. They deserve more respect than they were shown in last week's issue. Remember that those 16 Chairs are the first victims of a reorganization plan that has been poorly conceived and will be massively destructive.

Fred Stutzenberger

Clemson, S.C.

It's not time to reinstate the draft

Democratic Representative Rangel hopes his bill to reinstitute a draft will result in a congressional no-war decision and a less capable military force. I believe this bill is aimed at changing Congress' recent unanimous decision of war against Iraq. The underlying idea is that if more of their children were at risk of fighting and dying, then Congress would not overwhelmingly support the war.

Not only could a draft personally affect Congressmen, it could also affect our military capability, troop morale and troop experience. These young recruits usually do not want to fight. As a result, they may become negligent in their duties or disobey orders causing chaos and confusion in any military unit.

Being a citizen of America has never been as important as it is today, but this is not the time for Congress to call for a draft.

Lisa De Iulio

Plattsburgh, N.Y.

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