Reaching the end of the road
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Last Home Game

I had mixed emotions going into my last game. It has been a great experience down here. I have met a lot great people, I got my degree here and I played basketball in the greatest college basketball conference you can play in. A lot of things have been accomplished here in four years. I have made lots of new friends and I learned a new culture, and there have been lots of things that have been done in that period of time.

Parting Ways

Ed (Scott) and Ray (Henderson) are like brothers to me, because we roomed together for three years. We played college basketball for four years, and they have been my teammates, so we've had some great times together. We care about each other on and off the court, and it is going to be tough to go our separate ways after this year.

Wake Forest

In the second half, we came out very emotionally. We told ourselves, "We can't come out here and do what we did at Maryland in the second half." We had to go out there and try to prove people wrong, and prove that we are capable of playing basketball and that we are a hard-working team. Me, Ray, Sharrod (Ford) and (Chris) Hobbs got together before the second half and told ourselves, "Let's go out there and out-rebound these guys." I thought we did that pretty well during the second half.

NBA Favorites

I love the Dallas Mavericks this year. I think they may go to the Western Conference finals. I loved the Bulls growing up. That was my team, with Pippen, Paxton, Jordan and BJ Armstrong. I don't really have an NBA team right now. I like the way the Mavs are playing this year, and I like the Kings because of Peja (Stojakovic). I always seem to pull for the teams that have Lithuanians.

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