On the Prowl
This article originally appeared in The Tiger on March 7, 2003 | PRINT

Quick Draw McGraw. Minute Man. Johnny-Come Quickly. We have all heard the names before. And you can guarantee that everyone knows someone who either has the One Stroke Wonder disease or is dealing with someone that has it.

As funny as this issue may be to some, premature ejaculation can really put a damper on a relationship. Girls become frustrated and even though they may be understanding of the situation, the feelings still get bottled up.

The result, as many of us know, is that those feelings become uncorked at the most inopportune times. For the guys it is equally frustrating and also embarassing. There is nothing worse when trying to impress a girl with your moves than to end up taking a bow before the curtain has even gone up on the show. There are, however, some ways to slow the gravy train down.

First and foremost, if you are not already using a condom, try it out. The extra layer tends to desensitize the penis and make it more difficult for the guy to ejaculate right away. There are numerous brands out there, and some with the funky stuff attached to the outside can pleasure the partner at the same time the guy is trying to concentrate on other things. If you are real adventurous at some specialty stores you can find condoms that have studs or ripples on the inside. These are also supposed prolong the experience at the same time enhancing the pleasure.

Another known trick is to visualize something else (this is not meant to be an insult girls, so don't take it that way). The guy should try to visualize something a little less stimulating than the situation at hand.

Don't go too far and visualize something that turns you off such as a family member, but instead try and think about something a little less interesting such as a television show or a sporting event.

Another option is a climax- control lubricant which has a numbing effect. You can buy the product by itself or it can be found as a lubricant in "extended pleasure" condoms. One of the more common gels is made by Durex and is called the Maintain Desensitizing Lubricant for Men. Another lesser known brand is called Man Delay: Prolong Sexual Pleasure Gel. Both products are FDA approved. However, by far the easiest way to find the product is in the form of condoms and both favored brands, Trojan and Durex, make them.

Keep in mind that most guys tend to find that these products are a little shocking and that the sensation is more annoying than helpful. The numbing affect makes them feel detached from the experience.

A final, and slightly more drastic thing to try is to get the girl involved by having her grab "it" before ejaculation and, most importantly, when the guy is still able to keep control. This slows down the repetitive action and allows the guy to regain his composure. Once he is under control you can start the activity again.

If none of these suggestions seem to work you can always revert back to the college student's tried and true method of intoxication. This of course has the unfavorable side effect of a hangover and can result in the extreme opposite of what you are striving for. Nothing is worse than doing a total 180 and going from a sprinter to a marathon runner.

No matter which method you attempt it is important to remember that patience and keeping your temper in check are always vital techniques in making the entire situation work better for both parties.

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