Peace marches to Columbia
Organizations meet for resolutions.
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A student organization on campus has organized and will be leading a silent march in Columbia, S.C., on Oct. 10 at 11:30 a.m. to raise awareness for the ongoing conflict between Palestine and Israel.

Collective Consciousness, previously called International Human Rights Chapter, has been planning for months for this statewide event, which will involve similar organizations from South Carolina universities as well as notable national and international human rights organizations and grassroots movements.

According to the American Association for Palestinian Equal Rights’ (AAEP) Web site, this event will also be occurring in other major cities across the nation including Chicago, Los Angeles and Washington D.C.

The purpose of the rally is to bring together those supporting the stop of violence in the Middle East and bring peace between Palestine and Israel.

Some of the organizations present will be Amnesty International, School of Americas Watch and NAACP.

The event does require the purchase of tickets, which cost $10 for students and $20 for adults.

Taiyo Davis, president of Collective Consciousness has been working towards this event for months, he said, and is excited to see the outcome of the hard work put into this rally.

“It’s a lot of time, several months we’ve been talking about this with various organizations,” Davis said. “It was a lot of effort.”

Collective Consciousness hopes to network with other student organizations to share the lecture series held each year.

This lecture series is an open dialogue for anyone to voice their opinions on the Israeli/Palestine issue.

The panel includes five professors from various fields of study and backgrounds.

This event, held last spring, was extremely successful, Davis said, and although those in attendance did not agree on everything, everyone decided that they wanted to end the conflict and live together in peace.

Dr. Lance Howard, advisor of Collective Consciousness and professor at Clemson University, attended the lecture series last year and had very positive feedback and looked to this march with high hopes.

“I definitely believe that the problem can be solved and that it needs to have positive outlook towards it,” Howard said.

Collective Consciousness also serves the surrounding community by offering programs that enstill peace in youth.

Those interested in attending the march should contact Taiyo Davis at

“I really believe that in order to accomplish the impossible, we have to put in the minds of each and every individual the idea that the impossible is possible,” Davis said. “Otherwise, no one will try, and that’s what I’m sick of and many of the other people who are contributing are sick of and we’re going to do something about it.”

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