TigerFlix service survives shaky start
CUSG initiative draws help from CTV.
This article originally appeared in The Tiger on March 7, 2014 | PRINT

Clemson Undergraduate Student Government in conjunction with CTV recently unveiled TigerFlix, a new instant movie streaming service for Clemson students. The service, which is supported by a server located in CCIT, can only be used on campus. Currently 25 titles are available, including new releases, such as “We’re the Millers,” and older classics, such as “Dirty Dancing” and “The Shining.”

Ten new titles are scheduled to be added each month, and 65 movies should be available for students to stream from their personal laptops or school computers by the end of the semester. The project was headed by Parker Rhoden, a senior psychology major and 2013-2014 undergraduate student body vice president. Rhoden, along with Kayley Seawright, the 2013-2014 student body president, first developed the idea for their campaign platform in last year’s student

government elections.

Originally, the plan involved bringing DVD machines to students on campus, but after two unsuccessful bids sent to DVD-distribution companies over the summer, Rhoden and his associates began to look for alternative ways to provide movies to on-campus students.

Their solution was TigerFlix, which allows students to stream movies instantly from any location on Clemson’s main campus. Rhoden, in collaboration with Clemson University Housing and Dining, contacted Resident Life Cinema, a motion picture distributor, about providing this service

for students. Resident Life Cinema currently has a contract with CTV, Clemson’s campus television network, to provide on-campus movie channels, and Rhoden was able to work with both CTV and Resident Life Cinema in order to add an extension to the contract that would allow for movie streaming.

“It was a big, big collaborative effort with CTV, and I’m glad student government and CTV, as well as student media, can begin a good partnership through this,” Rhoden said. He attributes much of the success of the project to campus-wide efforts, saying “At the end of the day, it’s not me. It’s a group effort. I couldn’t have done anything if it weren’t for individuals in student government, student affairs, friends and people supporting what we were doing.”

The service was first announced on Feb. 20 via an email sent out by Rhoden to the student body. Though some students were able to access the link to TigerFlix provided in the email, many others were not. Brian Fitzgerald, a freshman bioengineering major, said, “I had friends try it, and it didn’t work. If it worked, I would be super excited about it.”

According to Rhoden, on the first day the service was available, he received approximately 70 emails, some praising the website and others asking for help. Rhoden informed Resident Life Cinema that some students were unable to access the site, and after recognizing that they had made a coding error in the website, the company changed the link for TigerFlix to cusgctvmovie.clemson.edu.

Many Clemson students are excited to hear about the arrival of TigerFlix, including sophomore microbiology major Albert Tzeng, who says “Haha, what? There’s a streaming service? Looks like I can save another $8 a month. It’s better [than Netflix] because it’s free.”

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