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Clemson’s anonymous presence on Twitter has been booming. From @ClemsonParties to @CU_Gentleman, there seems to be an anonymous Twitter account relating to just about any facet of Clemson life as a student. With anonymity comes power. These accounts provide the opportunity to reach out and tweet to other Clemson students and fans while allowing their creators to remain faceless. In true anon fashion, each interview was conducted over email. No identities were breached in the creation of this article.

Interview with @CU_Stoned:

A fairly new account, CU Cannabis Chick seems to be the token girl stoner of Clemson. Cannabis Chick tweets about her daily life, hot-boxing and her best friend, Mary Jane.

The Tiger: Being that Clemson is a somewhat conservative school in the south, what made you decide to want to come to Clemson?

Cannabis Chick: I love the wide-open spaces and all the country boys with big trucks. It's a complete change of atmosphere from my hometown.

TT: Are all the things you tweet about true?

CC: Yup, I treat Twitter like my diary, so if I'm doing it, I'm tweeting it.

TT: What made you decide to make an anonymous Twitter?

CC: I have another anonymous account and have lots of fun with that one, but I decided to make this one specifically for Clemson.

TT: Where’s the most ineresting place you’ve smoked on campus?

CC: Smoked a fat doobie while walking across Library Bridge once. That was a fun day in class.

TT: Is your twitter account your alter ego or the real you?

CC: Twitter is 100 percent the real me. What I tweet is what you get.

TT: Have you/would you ever hook up with your hordes of male fans on Clemson Crushes?

CC: If they smoke me out, hell yeah.

TT: Do your closest friends know about your Twitter or do you keep it very under wraps?

CC: A few friends know but not many.

TT: Have you ever hung out with all the other anonymous Twitters? Is there a secret club?

CC: Yeah, we throw Twitter parties every once in a while. It gets pretty crazy.

Interview with @CU_Slam

CU at the Bar’s Twitter bio reads, “I am the Tyler Durden of Twitter,” which speaks for itself. A quick read of his Tweets makes it seem like his is just like any other account. However, Slam seems to have crafted his anonymity into a smart business venture. May his answers shock and awe us all.

The Tiger: What made you decide to make an anonymous Twitter?

Slam: Because of my job, I am unable to say a lot of the stuff that I tweet. One night, I was drinking with a friend and decided to find a loophole so that I could say what I wanted to without any fallback onto my work. As a result, I came up with my Twitter account.

TT: How did you get so many followers?

Slam: Honestly, I have no idea how I got so many followers. Trust me, my friends are just as blown away as I am about it. I think a lot of the reason for it is that when I made my account, there was only one or two other accounts like it in the Clemson area. I guess between my jokes and my passion for Clemson that people just like what I have to say. Beats me.

TT: What’s your most interesting Slam story?

Slam: I have no clue. I have met a lot of interesting people because of it and have been able to promote certain local businesses with it. It has definitely helped me with connections and networking. I would probably say that one of the top five best Slam stories is from the snow day. @ClemsonSpecials and I planned an impromptu bar crawl for it. It wasn't very successful. I didn't even go. The thing I liked most about it was that I got an email (Because of my job I was included in the email, they didn't know it was me) from the Clemson Coalition. In the email they stated the hashtag that we used and were informing all of the who's who's of the Clemson area about the radical movement for a bar crawl on the snow day. One of the head officers in SLED even went around to all of the bars to make sure that they were staying within code and encouraged them to have food specials so that patrons would eat.

TT: Is your Twitter account your alter ego or the real you?

Slam: I will occasionally embellish a story, but 95 percent of what I say is the real deal. I see no reason to be fake about it. There would be no fun if that were the case. What you see is what you get. I have been outspoken and wild since about the eigth grade. I see no reason to put up a persona for that.

TT: Do your closest friends know about your twitter or do you keep it secretive?

Slam: I don't keep secrets from my friends. We are an extremely tight knit, open group. That being said, I like to get drunk and tell people I recognize who follow me who I am and buy them a round or two. I'm a very friendly person and enjoy meeting new people.

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