Grwo is a new app aiming to motivate students to reach their greatest potential both inside and outside of the classroom. The premise of the app, which is available to Clemson students as part of a beta test, is to reward students for achievements during their time in college.

Achievements are split into five categories: Innovation, Leadership, Learning, Imagination

and Improvement. For example, in the Leadership category one achievement is mentoring another student. For Learning, students can fulfill achievements with grades they get on exams, homework, etc.

Students earn points for each achievement and can redeem these points for rewards using the app. There are many different types of rewards, from Starbucks gift cards and Southern Fried Cotton clothing to entry in a sweepstakes for trips to events like TomorrowWorld Music Festival or a meet-and-greet with industry leaders like Richard Belluzzo, the Former President and COO of Microsoft.

“Some of the prizes are pretty legit. I just wonder how the app plans to make money to [be able to] continue giving stuff away,” junior Matt Noland said when told the list of rewards.

The app requires students to verify their achievements in order to prevent people from lying to get more points.

First of all, users must take pictures with achievements to prove their success.

For example, when a student claims they got an A on an exam, they must take a picture of their exam and upload it before they get points for the feat.

In addition, Grwo has all users agree to the terms of an honor code which holds users to a high standard of honesty when using the app. The honor code states that lying about achievements to obtain rewards is fraud and a “crime that is punishable in real life.”

Student awareness of the app has grown slowly; however, at the time this article was printed, over 200 Clemson students had Grwo profiles. “I think Grwo is a great way to encourage students to excel in all areas of college since it gives students an incentive to succeed,” Olivia Storch, a sophomore who uses the app, said.

Grwo is in beta testing and is only available at three colleges,

including Clemson.

All users are required to register with a email address to help ensure that they are actually students.

The app is currently available in the iTunes App Store, and the Grwo website claims it will soon be available on Android.

Morgan Jasper, one of the student ambassadors for the app, is excited about the idea of Grwo at Clemson. “I think students should be commended for all of the things that they do. We have so many active and involved students here on campus, and hopefully this can give other students a little incentive to maybe study a little harder or to join a new organization and make a difference.” Jasper said.