We can all try to pretend it doesn’t exist, but finals week is upon us once again. It’s a ruthless fight to the finish. No matter if this is your second or seventh finals week, they don’t get easier and we all know the crushing sleepiness that hits after that second or third hour in Cooper. However, there is a delicious liquid commodity that we all know and love; it fills us with good vibes and great energy. No, I’m not talking about Four Loko, although most people wouldn’t mind a blackout in a can instead of stressing over exams. I’m talking about the wonderful elixir of life that is coffee. There are many places around campus where one can grab a cup of joe. However, as a seasoned addict, I feel I can help out those who are new to the java game in finding the most enjoyable coffee from many different spots. Grab a cup and get some good grades.

Classic Iced Coffee from Java City:

Java City’s classic iced coffee is a sure bet for an enjoyable pick-me-up. Their take on iced coffee has a nice, pronounced flavor (even a bit of a dark roast taste) and isn’t too hearty. Java City’s location in Cooper is also extra convenient for those extended study sessions.

For maximum enjoyment: grab one with three pumps of classic cane sugar and add a little bit of milk. It’ll run you between $3 and $4, and it’s worth every penny.

Venti Iced Coffee from Starbucks:

Yes, Starbucks on campus is typically packed to the doors with professors and students, but there is a reason for that: they make a pretty swell cup of coffee. This is finals week, and you need a larger iced coffee then you’d ever normally drink (don’t worry, no one is judging you) so the venti is the answer. Don’t bother with a tall or grande iced coffee; you’ll finish a tall in two sips and a grande won’t do the job to keep you up. And forget those blended, flavored drinks Starbucks sells; they often provide zero caffeine and can get crazy expensive as you add on extras.

For maximum enjoyment: ask your barista for an “iced venti three pump with a splash of milk.” You’ll look cool for knowing the Starbucks lingo, and you’ll receive an ice-cold coffee that blends creamy and sweet in perfect harmony.

Hot Hazelnut Coffee from Einstein Bros.

If someone tells you they went to Einstein Brothers and weren’t overcome with instant joy, they’re a) wrong and b) probably lying. Einstein Brothers’ hazelnut coffee is a delicious roast that is enjoyable at any time of day, and the flavor is pronounced but not overpowering.

For maximum enjoyment: don’t add too much milk or sugar. It will overpower the great hazelnut flavor and make the coffee very heavy.